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Automatic Gates


very now and again, its nice to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury. If you’ve already conducted some home improvement work, what better way to spoil yourself than to have automatic gates installed at your property? The Benefits of Electric Driveway Gates. Automatic gates enable you to save time (you no longer need to physically open driveway gates yourself) and invest in your property. Five bar gatePDL Gates ensures that you’ll never have to struggle in and out of the car in the pouring rain or freezing cold just to access your driveway. With our electric driveway gates, you can simply roll up and press a button! What could be simpler?

Preparing for Automated Gates

Our specialists are happy to speak by phone or in person to discuss your needs and identify the electric gate system which will best suit your needs and complement your personal tastes. We will help you consider what you require from your automated gates, whether you have mobility issues, enjoy the aesthetic appeal of solid, wooden gates or simply want an effective security solution implemented for your driveway. Not only will our electric gates offer you greater convenience than manual gates, we strive to ensure that they enhance the beauty of your property as well.
Braced Gates and Stallion Gates

Braced Gates and Stallion Gates

Wooden Gates and Metal Gates

From traditional wooden gates to elaborate, wrought iron gates, we can locate, supply and automate whichever system you prefer. Well thoroughly evaluate the existing supporting structures at your home, ranging from the walls and posts to the ground itself, to determine if they require any strengthening. If your current gate is suitable for automation, well be happy to upgrade it, as well. Automated gate components Whatever system of electric gates you choose, you can be certain that youll receive the best quality equipment at the most competitive prices.

Automated Garage Doors

We can also automate your garage doors for you while were installing your driveway or entrance gates, even if they are a pair of swing doors!

Warranties on our Gates

PDL Gates supplies automated gates from two manufacturers, NICE and CAME, ensuring that we find the perfect fit for your property. All automated gates from NICE come with a standard two year warranty and CAMEs electric gates are provided with a three-year warranty. Both makes are available in above ground (ram type), and underground formats. Each and every one of our automated gates is installed by experts with years of experience and we always use qualified electricians, so you can rest assured that any work is done with the utmost care and quality. All of our automated gates come pre-assembled and fully ready for the installation process at your home. This ensures a quick and easy assembly process at your home when on location.

Gate Installation Service

Perhaps you’d prefer our work crew to install your automated gates while you’re away on holiday; we are happy to accommodate for this and work to your timescale! Our friendly and discreet workers create the absolute minimum of fuss and disruption to your lifestyle and leave behind a tidy property with stunning, new electric gates.

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