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5 Bar Gates

5 Bar Gates in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Surrey

5 Bar Gates in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Surrey

Manual or Automatic Five Bar Farm Gates which Suit your Busy Lifestyle

If you manage or maintain an estate or other agricultural premises, you know the importance of having a trusty security solution which you can depend upon. When you’ve identified the right fencing to form a perimeter around your property, you’ll probably be looking for sturdy, rustic, wooden farm gates to tie everything together. We offer first rate agricultural gates, which we can easily automate to facilitate moving animals, vehicles and large machinery in and out of your property.
Braced Gates and Stallion Gates

Braced Gates and Stallion Gates

We can offer lovely braced gates and stallion gates that keep your livestock securely enclosed. Ideal for equestrian and farming properties, these five bar gates are extra high to prevent your animals from jumping over them, and can withstand the weight of your stock leaning against them. We can also supply 5 bar wooden gates with a hook design to add an extra touch of elegance to your property and gates with additional fence posts to ensure that smaller animals will remain in or out. Get the Right Fencing for your Farm

Who says you have to compromise on style when selecting a pair of farm gates?

Whether you’d like a touch of the Old West or something a bit more contemporary, were sure we can offer you functional, long-lasting five bar gates in the design of your choice with the option of automated and manual gates.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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